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A fictitious name (or an assumed name, trade name, or DBA name) is an assumed business name. Unlike a corporate entity, a DBA name is not separate from the person who owns the DBA (Doing Business As) name, so it offers no lawsuit or judgment protection for the owner.

In this digital smart world, it is perfect to pick a name that has domain name accessible and low competition on Search Engines. If you select an captivate name that matches other organizations, you may find that your business name is hidden in the search Engine indexed lists for your organization name. It should also easy to spell and can have a keyword. This functions admirably for organization for example "cake gallery"

Framing a business name is not the fastest or easiest process but rather it's most essential assignments you will attempt when you start your organization. Generally, your organization name is the initial introduction to major people who are going to lend your service. If you choose to change your company name after get the support of the people's, it can be exceptionally costly and tedious to re-mark your business. In case you're searching for the best name for your company, CLT will afford you the best service starts from logo design, website development to digital marketing at an reasonable price.

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