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App Test is powerful Android application, where one can set the question for different exam pattern in various technology and one can register themselves for test as a student, he/she can choose the choice of exam pattern and simultaneously he/she can get the exam result. After submit or End of the Test the form will be submitted and evaluated. Scores will be given to the user on his/her request. The question and answers can be text or pictures or audios or even videos. Initial plan is to develop an objective type text based question and answer.

App Text Application is used for conducting online objective test; the test will be customized such that system will have automated checking of answers based on the user interaction. This also helps the instruction to perform online quiz, test paper such that the academic performance of the students can be increased with a good feedback from the students.


Benefits of Online Test App

  • Easy to add/import questions from excel format as per different topics & subjects
  • Support different types of multiple questions including images, formulas etc.,
  • Create tests quickly by choosing option of random questions and share it with users or assign the date & time to the test to limit it’s availability
  • Send notifications for the students and accessible 24/7
  • Analyze the performance of students from different available reports
  • Publish the results automatically or by defining the date and time
  • Create admin user and assign different roles and responsibilities

Administrator Rights

  • The administrator has the full fledged rights over the App test.
  • Can create/view/delete an account.
  • Can change the password.
  • Insert/delete/edit the information of available on App test.
  • Can access all the accounts of the faculty members/students.

Students Rights

  • Can view the different categories of Test available in their account.
  • Can change password.
  • Can view the various reports on the exam performance.
  • Can view and modify its profile but can modify it to some limited rights.
  • administrator

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