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Benefits of the Android for your business

Benefits of the Android for your business

Most companies are in the business of competing with creativity and capturing the attention of customers, to ultimately generate revenue. Although Apple does come with its own popularity and a solid reputation, Android commands around 86% of smartphone sales – these statistics were as of 2016.

There is no doubt that Android and its application is ideal for your business.


For one, it is an open-source platform and a Linux-based operating system, which is not limited to the mobile alone. Developed in 2007 by Android Inc., the technology was later bought over by Google and still reigns primary, across several devices such as tablets, televisions, mobiles etc. The rich application framework helps build innovative apps in the Java language environment. With this, developers can either contribute to or extend the platform to build mobile apps that can be run on Android devices.

Development costs are negligible. Tools such as Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, etc., for the development of the android mobile application, are free to download. Furthermore, distribution of the mobile app on the Android Market costs a meagre $25.

With a range of hardware devices available, Android provides multi-platform support for devices powered by the Android OS. Android mobile app development can also occur on the Mac OS, Linux or Windows. Besides, there are several telecom carriers in the market that support Android Powered phones.

Google Play Store or the Android Market Place comes with an open distribution model and has very few restrictions with regard to functionality and content. Developers can easily dispense their apps through the play store and even on other relative channels such as Amazon’s app store.

In terms of hardware, Android is a better choice for the users due to its versatile features such as faster processors, increased battery capacity, more RAM and better screen resolution.

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