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Best Web Analytics Software and Tools

Best Web Analytics Software and Tools

Experienced software and IT companies use the latest tools and techniques to understand the movement of traffic in and out of the websites, while also interacting with other elements on the site to convert, through product purchase. A marketing software, web analytics is used by professionals who practice SEO and other UI and UX to watch site interaction and performance. Google Analytics is one of the most popular web analytics tools, considered an industry-standard because it helps understand several metrics and is absolutely free. However, not everyone finds Google’s free software fulfilling. Therefore, they end up making extra investments against paid analytics’ software that is more rewarding.

Here are some of the best web analytics tools and software that you could use:

Google Analytics

An open-source and free product Google Analytics is one of the most popular techniques used in the online metrics market. With this, you have the world’s most-used tool at your disposal alongside various programming resources. You can find your website’s loading duration, pages per session, number of visitors, the location and sources of traffic and finally, bounce rates. However, those who wish to obtain data about customer behaviour must invest in other tools for more detailed and comprehensive metrics.

SAP Analytics Cloud

The makers of SAP Analytics Cloud are acknowledged leaders in the field of big data and business intelligence. Most of the products are tailored for enterprises but have appealed to several SMEs, as well. Made from R language scripting the software has many standardised terms that it works with and encompasses toolsets meant for higher-end data professionals accustomed to advanced techniques of, for instance, machine learning.


Kissmetrics is perceived from a philosophical angle, as more of a person than just a tool for measurement. The software analyses every visitor profile takes notes of all their activities and interactions, immaterial of the device that they use. Information provided is minutiae as customer profiles are bunched together to reveal all the goings-on inclusive of revenue stream successes, product channels, campaigns, etc.

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