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Choosing the best operating system for development

Choosing the best operating system for development

It’s not uncommon for developers to choose IDEs and a terminal window to develop software systems for business. Your company would be beleaguered if it were not for the tireless work put in by the developers who work hard to deliver. Nevertheless, it is crucial to use the right tools to create flawless software; you need an appropriate operating system. But not all operating systems work in harmony with your environment. There are several choices when it comes to using the precise OS. You have Windows for laptops, and desktops, along with Linux, macOS, and Android and iOS for mobiles. While each of these operating systems comes with its benefits, what you choose makes a big difference. In the end, the goal is to satisfy the end-user and provide a seamless experience. Here are some developments and the choice of operating systems that you might want to use against each.

Frontend Development

Involving interfaces and GUIs that are utilised by end-users and customers, frontend development depends upon CSS, HTML, JavaScript and DOM. All these have to do with the browser, and the operating system may not be of much importance here. However, the engineer must keep in mind that those who work with the web application will be using the most-used browser, such as Chrome, and therefore, Windows is the best option. Windows also offers various front-end specific tools, including emulators, debuggers and IDEs.

Backend Development

Backend development encompasses behind-the-scenes tasks that power web applications, websites and other services that basically run your company. Nearly every aspect of your business functions on the backend, making it absolutely crucial. Without it, your operations would struggle to keep up with the demand, supply and market competition. The focus is primarily on databases, APIs, backend logic, services and servers. Since most of the backend services run on the Linux Operating System, developers must familiarise themselves with the command lines and other communications with the underlying systems. It is evident that the best backend operating system to use is Linux.

Mobile Development

Internet traffic is not confined to laptops and desktops alone. They emanate from mobile phones as well. Mobile development, therefore, is one of the leading sectors in the market. Developers must stay abreast with the advancements in the industry to deal with two of the only platforms available – Android and iOS. Mobile developers can thus work with Windows, macOS or Linux concerning the android and macOS for the iOS.

Whether frontend, backend, container, mobile or no-code development, you must choose an OS that can keep up with the evolutionary nature of the technology. Speak to CLT for more information about software development for your company.