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Emerging Trends of 2021

Emerging Trends of 2021

Over the past two years, businesses have transformed digitally and are aspiring to move online more than ever. The looming question is whether newer forms of technology will displace relatively older ones such as AI and data analytics. Here are some technology trends that you can look forward to.

Internet Refortified

With the future going highly touchless, tech giants will look forward to implementing projects that serve humanity. The internet is all set to reach areas that have otherwise been deemed as remote. Artificial satellites will take precedence, thus providing everyone with connectivity.

Self-Driven Cars

The potential of automation technology is still unexplored. Instead of humanly-manned vehicles, self-driven or automated cars will ply, taking commuters to their desired location.


VR or Virtual Reality provides experiences with realistic images. AR or Augmented Reality simulates images into nature and makes them visible to the naked eye. Another equally attractive technology is XR, which is a culmination of both AR and VR technologies with some additional factors.

Hyper Automation

Human intervention will be replaced by hyper automation, which is the process of using complex technologies. A combination of AI or artificial intelligence and ML or machine learning will be used by super applications to perform discovery, analysis, measurement, design, assessment, monitoring and much more.

Empowered Edge

To decrease latency, information collection, processing, and content delivery, will be placed closer to information sources. With edge computing, devices will create intelligent spaces bringing critical applications nearer to people that use them. The edge network, by 2023, will see more smart devices than the normal ICT.

Dispersion Cloud

Public cloud service will be delivered to locations that are not within reach of the cloud’s data centre. The centralised cloud will be transformed into a distributed cloud, making way for a new era of cloud computing. Legal challenges and technical issues will be easily resolved, since the distributed cloud can place data anywhere.

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