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Foldable phone apps development

Foldable phone apps development

There would be nothing more stylish than flipping a mobile phone. That was the traditional era of flipping phones. With the advent of the new flat and slim smartphones, we had almost imagined that the ‘flip’ would never come back again. But it is here and back now. Foldable smartphones are the ‘in’ thing. Companies such as Huawei, Samsung, and Motorola have launched these devices, which have caught more than just an eye. It ideally is a hybrid between the tablet and the smartphone, which is an extremely intriguing phenomenon for the technology world. With this, developers worldwide are putting their heads together to design and build apps that work for these foldable wonders.

Connective Links Technology employs experts, adept at the design and development process for smartphones across various forms.

Foldable smartphones are so popular to the extent that it is forecasted the global sale of the product will touch 50.1 million by 2022.

The industry, furthermore, is all set to grow rapidly at a CAGR rate of 21.3% from 2021 through 2026. A new device style, it is comfortable to use, doesn’t occupy too much space, and offers a lot more screen than the usual smartphone. It also encompasses more versatile use of apps and helps streamline complex workflow.

Foldable devices do come with their limitations, such as app continuity, askew aspect ratios, tricky facilitation of multi-window functionality, limitations of feature accessibility, and other design issues.

Connective Links Technology

Our team of developers take into account all developmental challenges and ensure that they have mastered the craft of designing apps for the foldable smartphone. The team begins with the process of analysis and examination to enable better conceptualisation of the wireframe. Extensive wireframing is carried out with doubled down efforts where all content and design elements are mapped out.

They also leverage the increased screen space to create UX and UI elements and mockups without overwhelming users with a crowded opening screen.

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