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Help Desk CRM

Help Desk CRM

A help desk CRM acts as a single point of contact for internal employees in an enterprise where they can interact and resolve interdepartmental issues. Besides, you can also alleviate customer queries and complaints through concerns raised in the form of tickets, which you can track until resolution. Agents may utilise the help desk CRM constructively to empower themselves and simultaneously keep customers satisfied and augment loyalty. While it is an imperative addition in businesses, here are some features that you must look for before getting a help desk CRM.

Omni-channel support – agents and departments should be able to use various communication channels such as emails, SMS, social networks and others.

Ticketing – all incoming emails, calls and other messages should be automatically converted into a ticket- these should then be routed to relevant agents for closure.

Self-service portal –employees must have a convenient space where they can find answers to multiple questions.

Help desk agent’s portal – the CRM should be able to shoulder a knowledge base where employees can find answers to common questions and collaborate for a resolution.

Analytics – all feedback received must be measurable, providing all stakeholders with insights for better decision-making.

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While the above are some of the essential attributes of a help desk CRM, here are some of the must-have features that you shouldn’t miss:

Customer experience – a help desk built to provide customer delight

Intuitive interface – an interface that is simple to use and allows smooth workflow changes

Compliance and security – data and customer information stays protected

Scalability – API access to automate repetitive tasks as volume increases

Third-party integrations – expand features to integrate third-party tools as well

Reporting and metrics – uncover vital insights and metrics include members’ CSAT ratings

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