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Intent-based Networking Network operations automation

Intent-based Networking Network operations automation

Managing work infrastructure in an increasingly interconnected world has become essential more than ever. Intent-Based Networking is meant to respond to this challenge with the use of sophisticated algorithms that automate and manage all network resources.

What is Intent-Based Networking?

IBN or intent-based networking uses machine learning to automate the desired business objective. A software manages the resources and aligns them with the intent of a situation. This way the consistency of the application and management is achieved with no human intervention required. Network resources are successfully monitored and modified periodically to ensure that business operations run smoothly without any network glitches.

Software-Defined Networking

Software-Defined Networking or SDN involves the usage of a central controller that manages the activity of a network. Intent-based networking uses SDN constructively where engineers can treat the network as if it were an integrated unit rather than a collection of separate units networking together. This assists in network abstraction where virtual rather than physical networks are created. VPN or Virtual Private Network is a common example of network abstraction. These virtual constructs are purely abstract in nature and more complex than physical networks. Typically, physical networks use wireless signals or cables to connect. Complex virtualised network infrastructures function with SDN technology where a centralised controller manages both virtual network and physical connections. Intent-based networking takes your business intent and performance objectives to perfectly align them with the automated network controller operations to derive the best results.

What does IBN mean for you?

With automation, the number of people required for the management of your network operations is markedly reduced. For the most part, human operators become redundant. Thus, the cost of operations is reduced and network performance is not compromised. Which also means not losing sight of business objectives. Intent-based networking integrates all business goals into its processes and allows software controllers to function as intelligent operators. These controllers are also capable of making decisions set against key performance metrics and business requirements. Therefore, IBN is best perfect across a variety of network operations as it combines continuous monitoring with machine learning algorithms that are focused on business goals.

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