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Low Code or No Code

Low Code or No Code

Create new business applications visually with minimal or no hand-coding. This way, your developers can deliver greater value quickly. Wherever possible pre-built functionality is included so that even basic automation applications can be created, with little or no IT support. Thereafter, customise the app to include more features, functionalities, and capabilities to monitor performance issues, easily.

Automation assets and services can be reused across projects to accelerate your app development process. Combine multiple automation abilities with a central location for building your apps.

Rapidly build apps as you empower business and IT collaboration with visual no-code development tools. Simple to complex business applications can be handled with absolute ease to drive your enterprise. With stunning UX capabilities, end-users will be compelled to engage with applications. The business and IT divide gets coherently bridged through collaborative development where applications are drawn rather than coded.

Work is accessible across various digital touchpoints where users can accomplish tasks, seamlessly across their mobile, desktop or any other device. You can dramatically reduce development time by creating apps only once and then deploying them across all devices. IoT can also be efficiently orchestrated through robust integration of devices to critical business applications.

Brand your user applications easily with UI frameworks that come with consistency in look and feel across your organisation’s apps. Connect your enterprise data systems with other existing connectors such as SAP, Open AI web services, RDBMS and much more without having to code. View your data in a single, customizable, and actionable interface as you eliminate data silos with low-code applications.

With continuous delivery and integration, automate the software development lifecycle to attain a one-click deployment. Keep your apps healthy and run deployments confidently by administering automated unit and UI tests. Critical applications stay streaming 24/7 with minimal or no downtime.

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