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TOP KPIs to measure app performance

TOP KPIs to measure app performance

Today, measuring the performance of mobile apps is more important than ever. A powerful mobile app is a great business asset and has to be monitored continuously just like you would other business aspects such as client acquisitions, retention rates, revenue achieved, percentage users and more importantly user happiness. While mobile apps that score 10/10 are utopian in nature, its technical and marketing performance heavily depends upon analytics. This could even be a highly cost-effective MVP but still it is important to integrate analytics into it.

While the process of gathering and analysing data begins once the app is launched, you should consider it even before you begin developing your app or running marketing efforts. Many of the decisions you make throughout development will be dependent on your app's expectations as well as its financial performance. When you monitor the correct metrics for the performance of your mobile app, you'll end up building processes to guarantee that any abnormalities in the metrics are addressed. If you don't keep track of performance metrics, you'll never know what went wrong when things could go wrong.

Some of the most critical app performance metrics are given below. Rest assured, most of us can measure these.

Number of Downloads

In most circumstances, the number of downloads of a mobile app is directly related to the app's success. Consider a million downloads over the course of six months. The word "success" is written all over that number. Mobile downloads are also a very personal thing. When there are more downloads, there are associated difficulties. You'll have to improve your user experience, and make sure that each interaction touchpoint is efficient and simple to use. That's how it rises to the top of a mobile app's performance indicators.

User Growth Rate

You should watch not only the number of individuals who are becoming your users, but also the rate at which they are increasing, in order to assess the performance of your mobile app. You should be able to detect where new signups originate from if the number of users of your mobile app suddenly increases. For instance, new signups may be a result of your most recent marketing effort or a shoutout from a niche influencer. Knowing this will allow you to assess the impact of stray occurrences and it will even assist you in determining what works best for your company.

If you want to forecast the growth of an app, all you have to do is average the number of daily active users over a substantial amount of time. You can get an indication of the growth rate for the mobile app by using the average.

Organic Conversion Rate

Organic conversion rate refers to the rate at which visitors are converted through non-paid methods. It might be done by word-of-mouth, organic search, social media mentions, PR, building a buzz around the product, influencer marketing, and other methods. You'll be able to measure the type of outcomes you obtain from organic activities if you keep track of this KPI.

Connective Links Technology uses various methods to measure the performance of your mobile app. Speak with our experts for more such inputs.