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Using AI In Banking

Using AI In Banking

Artificial intelligence or AI gives machines the ability to interact and complete tasks with precision, which would otherwise involve human error. The adoption of AI contributes to a massive disruption of the banking industry, which can virtually impact every consumer. New technical capabilities and contextual mobile services have significant implications for financial institutions. Ranging from less robust applications to more complex deep learning algorithms, AI can be used in different ways across varying industries. Classified as a group of related technologies including natural language processing and expert systems these elements can comprehend and behave similarly to how the human brain does.

AI in Banking

Users want to complete their banking transactions round the clock, even if the physical banks do not operate. A bank that offers customers the flexibility to perform transactions 24 x 7 is the most preferred institution. Demand is easily satisfied with the use of mobile banking. But what about customer support? This is where AI plays a big role in providing financial institutions with predictive technologies and machine learning that can augment the banking experience.

Banking is reinvented when financial experiences are entwined into the daily lives of users. Intelligent mobile banking apps improve customers’ decision-making through positive spending, borrowing and savings. Personalised insights and recommendations are also provided periodically through the app.

Users are accustomed to personalised customer support and expect the same kind of services in banking too. With back-end data gathering, machine learning, and analytics, users can receive hyper-relevant information that can guide them towards the right channel without having to deal with multiple departments. All questions and concerns are answered in real-time through AI-powered chatbots.

Besides the above, users also receive customised advice, offers, and other services based insights. AI enables personalised communication with regard to online wealth management services such as algorithm-based portfolio advice, etc., without the need for a human representative.

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