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Using Agile Methodology in 2021

Using Agile Methodology in 2021

The duration of developing an app depends upon its complexity. Innovative methodologies are used by expert app developers at Connective Links Technology to ensure that the project is completed effectively with the desired outcomes. In 2021, the consumer market is looking forward to a continuous recasting of products and web design services. Therefore, it is imperative to utilise the agile software development methodology even in 2021.

Agile scrum divides the development process into subtasks, which are further broken down into other modules. Finished functionalities are delivered by the development team through sprint releases. This is also the best approach for complex projects, especially in scenarios where clients’ requirements keep changing according to trends.

Flexible project planning, risk management, customer involvement, continuous project evaluation and early delivery are all agile methodology’s core principles. At Connective Links Technology, we allocate resources efficiently to achieve refined products such as point of sale software, android app development and efficient project workflows to meet all project quality requirements and deadlines on time.

Benefits of Agile:

Every step of the development cycle focuses on the client or the product owner. Their inputs are instrumental in garnering quality control, through a distinct focus on smaller steps that help reduce risks. Besides, the team stays organised and motivated till the final project results.

Sprints are an important part of Agile. Project development itself begins with a kick-off meeting by the scrum master. Specific project modules are assigned as the manager monitors all development tasks and the status of the project.

Finally comes the design and development process, where a user interface design is first created based on the product owners’ requirement and instructions. The UI designs are approved, and then the coding process begins where all corresponding tasks are assigned during a sprint planning meeting. Concurrently, code reviews, testing and bug fixing, are also implemented. Regular client feedback is obtained to facilitate the appropriate progress of the sprint.

CLT uses the Agile Methodology because it is more result-oriented and efficient than other rigid processes.