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Why Using Independent ERP Selection Consultants Can Make All The Difference in ERP Software Selection

Why Using Independent ERP Selection Consultants Can Make All The Difference in ERP Software Selection

Implementing a new ERP solution is a major decision that can consume a significant amount of time and resources. Going through the ERP selection phase alone can result in an insufficient outcome that can irritate users and hinder an organization's operational capabilities. With so many ERP software systems available, you require an evaluation method and framework to assist you in identifying the best ERP providers based on your sector, demands, and, ultimately, one that fits within your budget. Most ERP software sales professionals are instructed to follow the well-worn path of client research, product demo, software proposal, and finally "sealing the deal," and to be honest, many ERP buyers don't know any different. But doing so puts you at a disadvantage. Having a vendor-agnostic, non-biased partner on board with your ERP strategy can make all the difference.

Identifying the team

When assembling an ERP project team, think about integrating stakeholders from every functional area of your company. You'll want people who can describe their day-to-day duties and how they engage with their present systems in detail. A member from the executive suite must be included in the project team who can serve as an executive sponsor. This position is crucial for making executive decisions and providing initiative leadership assistance.

Analysing the current situation

CLT conducts a Current State Analysis after establishing the ERP project team and begins the process by obtaining information about all of the systems, people, and processes you currently utilise. Analysis is carried out in the form of requirements-gathering meetings. These are intended to bring employees from throughout the organisation together so that everyone can completely grasp the business processes from beginning to end, avoiding potential traps that could have negative long-term consequences.

Evaluating the ERP software development team

Once our experts have identified your organization's Critical Success Considerations or CSF—the critical areas where things must go right for the firm to thrive - your will evaluate ERP suppliers with certain prefixed factors in mind. Then, we'll develop a list of possibilities for you to consider.

CLT uses its process, skills, and research to analyse hand-picked vendors who have decades of personal experience and a proven track record. We will compare your CSFs to the software vendor's actual, not just advertised, product capabilities. We want to know how much influence each potential ERP vendor will have on your company.