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Product Customization

Raising levels of customer adherence and loyalty through tailor-made software

Highly-qualified experts at CLT, a custom software development company, understand ideation, architecture, development, and implementation. Knowledge and process are appropriately collated to provide our customers with products specific to their needs.

Product Customization

Application development

The distinctive nature of every organization bestows efficiency in processes, thereby leading to business success and growth. Therefore, information systems must provide the best possible solution that balances company practices, business models, and objectives to provide a customized application suite. While an off-the-shelf application might fulfill the basic requirements of a company, the actual output can be derived only with tailor-made applications that perfectly fit your objectives.

CLT offers custom software development services to bring product options that can meet either long-term goals or our clients' instant one-off adaptation needs. Having gathered extensive experience and expertise, we know precisely how industry practices work and what best applies to you after hundreds of implementations.

Product Customization

Custom software development

Designing, developing, and deploying software for users, mainly focusing on specific functions, is custom software development. Compared to commercial off-the-shelf software or COTS, it gives a greater sense of direction and caters to specific requirements that impact your decisions. While COTS may have been developed to address a broad range of needs, most peripheral applications are left unused due to their extraneous nature. It is, therefore, best to opt for custom software development for your organization's software requirements.


Benefits of customized software development

Enjoy the numerous advantages of choosing a customized system tailored for your business.

Complete ownership

CLT is a premier software development company that bestows 100% control of the software to its customers. We, thus, eliminate the practice of royalty or subscription fees. Besides, if you wish to add an additional feature, we will do so while you are still in charge of the product's administration.


Our products are highly flexible, making it extremely easy for you to mold the software so that it works best for you at crucial junctures. The software is meant to grow and transform your business to adapt to current scenarios.

Competitive edge

Our custom software can boost company performance, unlike off-the-shelf software that only acts as a band-aid. The tailor-made product is a valuable asset and gives you the much-required competitive edge helping your business stand out in a busy market.

Independent technology

CLT provides technology-agnostic custom software development services primarily focused on our customers' needs. Our bedrock remains in-house as we pick the right stack distinctive to your business goals.