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Custom Software Development Trends 2022

Custom Software Development Trends 2022

If you think purchasing an off-the-shelf software can resolve all your product ideation issues, you may want to think twice. At the same time, while this might not be the answer, you need a custom software development program with an investment that comes with high returns.

Connective Links Technology builds products that stand out from the crowd and bestows every creative and tech control to the client. It satisfies all end-user purposes and even provides a competitive edge that offers a business more than a mere conjecture.

Major brands that possess high-handedness in the industry today were able to disrupt the market with their unique offerings when they began. They used custom-built digital products that could impact market scenarios during their time. More recently, however, the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved some custom software development trends that have broken supply chains and slowed down the operational wheel. Despite restrictions in mobility, tailor-made applications have aided enterprises in catering to distinctive customer needs enabling survival during the global ordeal. Going further, some of the most disruptive technologies will see newer modifications in custom software development. Here are some trends that we noticed.

Blockchain implementation

Cryptocurrency, despite its unregulated nature, will see a boom. A relatively hot topic of the 21st century, the distributed ledger system blockchain is ready to break records with its open database and encryption protocols. The technology is all set to make money transfers and transactions of digital assets more accessible than ever. With the entire history of any dealing stored and untampered in the blockchain, it is only a matter of time until the system gains recognition in the bitcoin area and other verticals, such as translation.

The No-Code or Low Code Platform

A software application involving minimal or no code is highly relevant in today's era, experiencing a shortage of skilled developers. With the hybrid work environment becoming highly enabled, the platform is inclined towards better mobility, more adaptive behaviours, and data analytics. Customisation of an application can be achieved with minimal need for coding, and you can easily integrate low code platforms into an enterprise's systems.

IoB or Internet of Behaviour

Gathering customer behaviour intelligence is a thing of the future. IoB, or Internet of Behaviour, uses big data and other tools to study customer reactions and preferences of products and services. With enterprises leaning heavily towards personified experiences, custom software development companies will see a swell in the requirement of IoB services to create compelling user experiences or to adjust product portfolios.

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